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Angst is a film-based education program designed to raise awareness around anxiety, with an emphasis on youth and families. The film includes interviews with kids, teens, experts, and parents. Contact info is needed for film licensing. We will also share mental health resources after the event.

Please complete the following form if you would like us to host a free Angst screening at your school. Below are testimonials from past events.


Thank you! We will be in touch soon!


Thank you so much for bringing "Angst" to our school. Anxiety is a very important topic for us all to learn about. It was quite powerful to hear directly from Mia's parents about their experience and I found their willingness to share with us very courageous. Educating parents, students and teachers together was a fantastic way for us to come together as a school community.
Head of School
Thanks so much again for your help. I think it’s a very important movie—with good resources—so I’m glad that my daughter and husband now have this information as well.
I am very passionate about mental health because I have walked and am still walking the journey of anxiety and the many mental health aspects Mia struggled with. Thank you for taking the time to bring "Angst" to our school, talk about Mia and her life and also answer our questions about mental health.
High School Student
Tonight was really a great night. I appreciate all of your contributions. I’m hoping it was not only successful in raising awareness, but also at normalizing tough conversations about the struggles we see our children facing. I firmly believe that building community, via conversations like the one we had tonight, will prove to be one of the most successful ways to combat the mental health crisis and promote healing.
School Counselor
I just want to thank you and Joe for sharing your stories about Mia and for helping others. Last night's event was fantastic and very empowering. I am glad we had a chance to connect before the event and I would love to meet and talk about future opportunities to collaborate.
PTA President
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