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If you or a loved one is in need of immediate care, call 911 or access one of the following mental health crisis resources:

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Local Emergency Resources:

DC 24/7 Community Response Team (formerly Mobile Crisis): 

NE: 202.673.6495,

SE: 202.673.9300

DC 24/7 Counseling Access Helpline: 



DC 24/7 Victim Hotline: 

1.844.4HELPDC (443-5732) confidential info and referral options for all DC resources

DC Victim CHAT line

DC LGBT Special Unit of the MPD
(on call duty phone):


DC Shelter Hotline: 

202.399.7093 or 311 or ​​800.535.7252

Maryland Mobile Crisis: 


        "Emergency Room near me"

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How to Locate a Quality Mental Health Provider Near Me:

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Other Organizations Fighting Against
Death by Suicide: 

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