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We lost Mia at the age of 15 on May 20, 2021.  She was a kind, caring and adorable child. Throughout her life she had the gift of gab, able to carry warm and engaging conversations with friends, strangers and even repetitive two-hour conversations with her dementia-affected Grandma.
Mia matured into a force of nature whose beautiful spirit and bright energy left a significant impact on all who knew her. She was intelligent, strong-willed and energetic. We will dearly miss her smile and warm embrace of nonjudgmental conversation.
Mia's family has decided to share her beautiful spirit and bright energy through a foundation to strengthen mental health by building emotional resilience and compassion in children and teens.  Our hope is that others will be moved by Mia’s story to commit to make the world a better place daily by appreciating people just the way they are, one warm, nonjudgmental conversation at a time.

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